Your pet's grooming experience starts with our quiet home setting and personable service. I have 20 years experience grooming all breeds of cats and dogs and apply this knowledge to each and every customer. High quality styles range from breed specific haircuts to comfortable styles easy for the owner to take care of...any pet can have any style desired (coat permitting). Our salon offers personal one-on-one service for each pet, safe blow-out drying by hand (no cage dryers) and quality shampoos, conditioners & perfumes. You can even choose one of our many nail polish colors for that extra special touch.

All of our customers are handled with lots of love and attention; extra time is spent to make everyone's grooming experience an enjoyable one. Puppies new to the grooming world are treated with TLC and are slowly introduced to their service to make their visit a positive experience and fun. Handicapped and older pets are tenderly handled to make their grooming experience more tolerable to whatever their special condition may be. Your pet's safety is always my concern and please know that your pet is in good hands at K9 Innovations.

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