My Dog Training Program encompasses positive reinforcement training with plenty of praise and rewards along with leash and collar corrections. My goals are to make the training lessons informative and doable for the owner while having a positive learning experience for the dog. You are coming to me for help and I will do everything I can to improve the relationship between you and your dog. For some people, training may be as simple as manners while for others it may be the last option to finding another home for the dog. It is my job to try my best to teach you to better understand your dog as well as teaching the commands to gain respect from your pet. My training expertise does not stop once your training lessons have ended...I am here for each and every customer throughout your pet's life changes, always available to help in any way I can. I am continuously looking for new ways to enhance training techniques by attending Animal Behavior Conferences as well as gaining knowledge through many training and behavior resources.

Obedience & Behavior Program

Creates the foundation of a well mannered and respectful family pet. For pets ages 3 months and up. This Program consists of 5 Private in-home lessons that help you understand and gain proper control for a well mannered dog.

The Obedience & Behavior Program focuses on:

  • Manners and Behavior Problems
  • Jumping, destructive chewing, etc.
  • Off, no, leave-it
  • Obedience Commands
  • Heel, sit, stay, down, here, wait

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For Existing Training Customers: additional and refresher lessons are available for extra help on specific problems, fine tuning commands or for any issues arising in the future.